The BIO-filtration Media Accreditation System & Specifications (BIOMASS) process is designed for all organic and non-organic media systems and is developed by CORE. The rigorous material accreditation, manufacturing and supply system characteristics of the BIOMASS process can ensure that consistent bio filtration media performance can be relied upon in any jurisdiction to produce the most appropriate “fit for purpose” media formulation configuration.

Manufacturing to the CORE Specifications can be achieved by any filter media manufacturer using their specific (accredited) proprietary ingredients and formulations. Specifications contain the elements that are considered essential for bio filtration manufacturing to the CORE system, however the specifications do not constitute the entire spectrum of studies examined in the accreditation process. CORE only accredits those materials, formulations and individual manufacturers that have formally completed the entire accreditation process.

Results of the validation study and the respective specification conducted on a range of organic components and reference media formulations for materials available in the Victorian market can be viewed in this report.