Work with CORE

CORE values the importance of human resources to our success.

CORE would like to hear from highly skilled environmental managers and marketers with an affinity for business innovation and environmental challenges.

Flexibility in a range of tasks is essential. Report and publication writing, telephone and mail marketing and research, fundraising, sales (office and field based), educational campaign management, web-design and accounting skills may all be required.

If you feel that you have these qualities and have similar values to the philosophies of CORE and are seeking work experience or more you can submit a CV for review to

Internship Opportunities with CORE

In response to enquiries from university faculties and individual students in the environmental and marketing fields for practical work experience projects, CORE has developed a program to offer students an insight into the organics and resource recovery sector during their tertiary education.

The program is open to students from any environmental and/or marketing course at any tertiary education institution. On completion of their practical studies students receive a reference to use when applying for employment.

The program is operated with the aim that suitable work may become available with CORE or within the CORE network. We would be delighted to assist any of these students with career opportunities with CORE members and collaborators.

For students or potential employers seeking more information regarding the program, please email