Eric Love – Chairman

30 years experience in the waste and recycling industry including the introduction of MGB container systems, collection technologies and processing facilities. In 1996 established the leading environmental consultancy, EC Sustainable providing strategic consulting services to the waste and resource recovery sector in Australia and  internationally.

During his career, Eric has occupied industry roles including:

  • Director, Stormwater Industry Association Australia (current)
  • Secretary, Stormwater Industry Association Australia (current)
  • Secretary, Stormwater Industry Association NSW (current)
  • Director, Organic Federation of Australian (OFA)
  • Member Organic Ministerial Advisory Council NSW
  • NSW President of the Waste Management Association of Australia
  • Member RIRDC R&D Committee
  • Founder, COMPOST NSW
  • Secretary of Construction & Demolition Waste (C&D) Recycling

Christopher Rochfort – Chief Executive

A qualified horticulturist with over twenty years experience in the organics recycling industry, Chris has owned and operated a commercial organics recycling facility (Growmix) prior to establishing CORE and EC Sustainable. Chris regularly travels the world assessing advancements in technology, systems and programs in the resource recovery sector.

  • Chief Executive and co-founder, EC Sustainable
  • Responsible for the establishment of the Compost Working Group, Compost NSW, Compost Australia
  • Inaugural Chairperson for the Compost Working Group and Compost NSW

Charmaine Cheung – Marketing & Communications Manager

An experienced marketing professional with over twenty years experience with extensive local and international marketing experiences. Her area of specialities include:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Budget Management
  • Brand Management