CORE celebrates 20 years of protecting Sydney Harbour with Bio-Filters using recycled organics

Ever wondered where your kerbside collected garden organics go? Chances are it could be contributing to keeping Sydney Harbour’s water safe from toxic pollutants. CORE members have provided organic bio-filters that now “ring” Sydney Harbour and its tributaries from Manly to Annandale (installed in 1998) through Redfern and Sydney and around to Rose Bay. Bio-Filters are used in a range of stormwater treatment systems such as rain gardens, bio-swales and detention basins that are installed in streetscapes, parks and reserves.

These bespoke bio-filters are manufactured from of a range of recycled organic and natural materials using IP developed from CORE’s extensive research and development program. Installations are now established around the world including Canada, China, Singapore and the United States.
CORE has also developed a world first computer design system that enables advanced manufacturing of optimised, performance based filter formulations using locally available materials.

Specifications, in conjunction with the CORE accreditation system ensure appropriate selection of fit for purpose raw materials that are then formulated to suit performance requirements including water quality improvement, hydrology, plant growth and land use.
With the support of the NSW EPA, CORE has recently produced “Performance and Validation Standards” for organic bio-filters. In conjunction with the accreditation and computer design systems this can ensure consistent quality and performance anywhere.