As cities become more dense and populated, green infrastructures such as increasing the amount of vegetation around the city can vastly improve the quality of air. This will also increase our resilience to the impacts of climate change by cooling our city and increase its biodiversity by attracting birds and insects.

CORE and it’s members work with planning, design and construction organisations in Green Infrastructure to encourage the use of recycled materials. Too often, Green Infrastructure projects are constructed using virgin extracted materials that are depleting other areas of environment thus creating future problems.

CORE’s objective is to have maximum recycled content in infrastructure projects using robust science and demonstration. Find out how it is being implemented in case studies below.

Case Studies

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20 Years of protecting the Sydney Harbour

CORE have provided organic bio-filters that now “ring” Sydney Harbour and its tributaries from Manly to Annandale (installed in 1998) through Redfern and Sydney and around to Rose Bay. Bio-Filters are used in a range of stormwater treatment systems such as rain gardens, bio-swales and detention basins that are installed in streetscapes, parks and reserves.

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“Greening The Gutter” Program

CORE has been researching water treatment using recycled materials for more than twenty years with a strong focus on storm water from urban, industrial and agricultural sources. We are astonished at the atrocious water quality results we have witnessed over time and what little is being done about it. While a lot of effort has been put into gross pollutants you can see with the naked eye, dissolved pollutants such as nutrients, metals, toxic compounds and micro-plastics receive far less attention.

CORE is proud to launch the “Greening the Gutter” program that addressed the above issues. We aim to revolutionise the way we drain water from our communities.

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