The launch of the Shanghai Sponge City Demonstration Park

CORE has collaborated with a Chinese recycled organics member to launch a Sponge Park in Shanghai Botanical Gardens. The project showcased five installations that combined recycled organic material with other materials to produce bio-filters. The launch opening of the park included local engineering firms, National and Shanghai Sponge City committee members and representatives from the New South Wales & Australian government who supported the project.

Located within Shanghai’s famous legendary Botanic Gardens, The Sponge City Demonstration Site not only features world’s best practice in urban water management but is also a refinement and testing ground for new innovation for future design. The collaboration project combines Shanghai Botanic Gardens horticultural and engineering expertise, along with their organics resource recovery & composting, as well as with CORE’s research capability and STAR Water’s technological and global experience.

Go here for more information on the Sponge Park project.